HPP Platform White Paper
June 5, 2017
A General Purpose Decentralized High Performances Computing platform

Connect workstations, servers and laptops to form a Big decentralized
High Performance Computing Datacenter

Denver, Colorado, USA

Technical perspective


The block chain technology is highly distributed by design, NODES form a peer to peer network [4], communication is implemented in RPC[5].


HPP is built on top of bitcoin daemon[6], a NODE can activate Tor to benefit from high anonymity[7], a NODE can also anonymize the earned coins using the Zerocoin protocol [8].


Node security is ensured through virtualization [9], PROVIDER data security is ensured by encrypting sensitive data and Virtual Host lifecycle control.


Nodes automatic deployment, node migration, PROVIDER’s data replication.

General Purpose Computing Platform

use of open standards like : Xen virtualization, OpenSSH, OpenCL [10] and OpenMP [11].


Proof of Uptime and resources availability are checked permanently by the block chain


Smart Contracts and Micropayment channels [12]

Lite Masternode (LMN) minimum requirements

Property Value
Collateral 1000 HPP in wallet at least
CPUs 4 cores
RAM 8 GB Memory
Storage 100 GB
Reward 25.64% of the block reward: 20 HPP per block up to block 262500.
From block 262501 to 525000 10 HPP per block.

Description : The main role of LMN is to verify zerocoin transactions, after LMN release, mining pools and solo miners will no longer verify zerocoin transactions, they will spend less hash power. LMN ensure the blockchain security and protect the HPP network from sybil attack, LMN recieve 25.64% of the block reward. LMN Cannot Earn additional HPP by carrying Teaks scheduling and negotiation and results verification.

Full Masternode (FMN) Minimum requirements

Property Value
Collateral 5000 HPP in wallet at least
Network connectivity 200 MB/s network connectivity
CPUs 24 cores
RAM 128 GB Memory
GPU Accelerator High End GPU (Nvidia Tesla or AMD FirePro)
Storage 1 TB SSD
Reward FMN makes the same profit as 5 LMN plus 3% of the overall scheduled task fees.

A Full Masternode can earn additional HPP coins on a time basis by carrying negotiation, coordination and results verification on behalf of a task provider. The computation task price is negotiated between the Tasks provider and the Worker nodes based on the Extended Contract Net protocol [13]

Versions Roadmap

The live version of the project Roadmap is periodically updated here

Version 1.0.0-Beta
HPP Coin and built in miner
Zerocoin protocol
GPU Miner Cuda
GPU Miner OpenCL
Mining Pool (http://pool.hppcoin.com)
Block Explorer (http://explorer.hppcoin.com)
Version 1.0.1
Android Wallet

Lite Masternode

Version 1.1.0
OpenSSH support

Host Virtualization

Implement the algorithm to handle Mutexes, barriers, and locks in the HPP platform.
Version 1.2.0
iOS Wallet

Dedicated Host Sharing

Virtual Host Sharing

Support for HPC on multiple independent Nodes (suitable for parallel tasks thatcan be split into multiple i ndependent tasks without the need for coordination amongnodes)
Version 1.3.0
Distributed OpenCL Platform[15].
Micro payments channels

Full Masternode

Distributed OpenMP Platform.
Support for HPC on multiple coordinating nodes suitable for
high parallel computation task that can be split into several
subtasks executed on several distributed nodes requiring
coordination among nodes
V 2.0.0
General Purpose HPC Platform
Support for automatic deployment over multiple distributed nodes[16]

HPP Coin specifications

Property Value
Premine 0 blocks (No Premine)
Ico No ICO
Block reward 78 HPP
Coin base maturity 120 blocks
Founders and investors reward 8 HPP per block for the first 2 years (70HPP goes to the block miner and 8 HPP for founders and investors) and 0 HPP after block 262500.
Start time 8:50 AM Wednesday, November 22, 2017(MST)
Total Supply 78 Millions HPP
Symbole HPP (ˈeɪtʃ-ˈpiː-ˈpiː )
Halving rate Every 262500 blocks approximately every 2years
Block Time 4 minutes
Hashing Algorithm LYRA2H
Transactions validation PoW


HPP is not just a crypto-coin based on bitcoin[14] but an open source distributed platform for general purpose High Performances Computing, every entity that own computing power, ranging from individuals with a single laptop to companies and institutions that own big datacenter, can rent it’s computing power and earn HPP coins that can be redeemed anytime at HPP platform to acquire more computing power or can be traded in cryptocurrencies Markets.


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