HPP Economic model

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HPP Coin is the crypto money used to trade HPC services in the High Performance Computing Platform. it is simply used to cover the cost you have to pay to get your HPC application or code executed as soon as possible in the HPP platform. The resources allocation process is is automated.

How to get HPP Coin?

You can get HPP Coin by :
  • Mining : using CPU or GPU rigs
  • Buy HPP from exchanges like stocks.exchange
  • Rent your HPC equipments : server, workstation, grid network, data center and earn HPP
  • Invest in a Lite Masternode or Full Masternode and earn HPP periodically

Who can use HPP?

HPP is built to spread Egalitarian High Performance Computing (HPC), everyone who need to execute HPC tasks : students in high schools can use HPP to train a Deep Learning algorithm, Petroleum companies can run their simulations on HPP, Information System Security companies can test a Rainbow attack efficiency on HPP to name a few.

Can i run an HPC task on HPP from my personal computer?

Yes you can launch heavy calculation while you drink your coffee in the nearest Starbucks Coffee Shop, if your personal computer does not meet the requirements for tasks scheduling, tasks negotiation and results verification, the HPP Core component delegate the task management to an available Full Master Node (FMN), and you pay an extra 3% fees to the FMN, Tasks management process is decribed in the following stateshart digram :

To reduce costs, companies can run their own local FMN, see the FMN specifications for more technical details.

Lucy Nasmco


Can i buy hpp coin using credit card ?

Brad Chawn


i do not think so actually, you can buy HPP using BTC from https://stocks.exchange/trade/HPP/BTC

Natalie Loraux


How to invest in this project ?

M. Nasim


Hi Natalie, Fill in the contact form, we will get in touch as soon as possible. Cheers, Nasim HPP Team



Denver, Colorado, USA
HPP is designed for highly distribuetd computing, privacy and security.