HPP Economic model

What is HPP Coin ?

HPP Coin is the crypto money used to trade HPC services in the High Performance Computing Platform. it is simply used to cover the cost you have to pay to get your HPC application or code executed as soon as possible in the HPP platform.

How to get HPP Coin

You can get HPP Coin by :
  • Mining : using CPU or GPU rigs
  • Buy HPP from exchanges like stocks.exchange
  • Rent your HPC equipments : server, workstation, grid network, data center and earn HPP
  • Invest in a Lite Masternode or Full Masternode and earn HPP periodically

Posted On JAN .16 . 2018

HPP Masternodes

Light Masternode (LMN)

The main role of LMN is to verify zerocoin transactions, after LMN release, mining pools and solo miners will no longer verify zerocoin transactions, they will spend less hash power. LMN ensure the blockchain security and protect the HPP network from sybil attack, LMN recieve 25.64% of the block reward.

Lite Masternodes share 20 HPP per block up to block 262500.
From block 262501 to 525000 10 HPP per block..

Full Masternode (FMN)

For high compute-intensive tasks the task provider cannot handle the increased workload due to high network communication traffic, large amounts of working-memory demand and high cpu usage. in this case the task provider can delegate task’s negotiation and coordination to a Full Masternode.

A Full Masternode can earn additional HPP coins on a time basis by carrying negotiation, coordination and results verification on behalf of a task provider. The computation task price is negotiated between the Tasks provider and the Worker nodes based on the Extended Contract Net protocol

Posted On JAN .16 . 2018



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